Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Alec over at Apartment Therapy LA featured my friend Michelle today. Click here to read all about it! I'm so excited to see here featured on such a great website.


The above photo was a commissioned piece from Michelle, it's of my husbands oma + opa along with his mutti over in Germany. I love the retro bursts she added to the canvas on the right side in lime and orange. She embedded all of these beautiful images - if you look carefully you can see the top half of a house beneath the baby - that's his oma's shop in Germany. To the left of his opa, you can spot a girl writing. That's me, since my husband and I met online via an article I had written back in 1998. There are also images of cameras, astronomy, music, nature, and many other things that my husband loves. My husband was really moved when this piece arrived. It's the perfect present for someone you love.