TwentyTwentyOne has so many innovative and interesting designs, it's hard to pick favorites over there. I'm voting for the ladrillos, with its whimsical shelving units designed by Javier Mariscal. It's a fresh and terrific example of functional design that can also be very young and fun, playful. I like that these can be stacked in any arrangement, each shelf has the option of using 8 different styles of shelf supports.

Over at The Design Blog this morning, I found another twentytwentyone table that I'm crazy about, the penquin donkey. Great design. Stores magazines, up to 80 books, super attractive, great curves, all in a sturdy birch. There's also the penguin donkey3 with a smooth flat top, which would be a better choice if you're shopping around for a table that you can arrange things on top of -- rest a beverage, place a vase of perky tulips, etc. This table wasn't built to store books, but CDs, instead. I think the perfect table would be the penquin donkey3 with the same storage capacity for books as the original model, but that's just my opinion. I have wayyyy too many CDs and I tend to store them together, alphabetically, so I wouldn't want to split them up by storing a few in some random table.

Both are available at TwentyTwentyOne. Such a great place for super slick furnishings that serve an actual purpose other than simply looking good. Kinda like you, huh kiddo?

(photos from twentytwentyone.)