Design My World

Just in...Wildly imaginative designs at Design My World!

These sculptural lily lights are a real turn on. Created by New Zealand artist Jenny Keate, they are available in a table and pendant version in white, red, green, yellow and orange. Constructed of fiberglass and lacquer. $93 for the table light and $63 for the pendant.

Create an illusion with this show stopping acrylic table designed to appear as a floating tablecloth. Handmade in Denmark and available in clear, opal, grey and brown. Designed by Essay. $250. Running late? Yee Ling Wan created this transparent etched glass ghost clock, inspired by nineteenth century mantle clocks. Wan decided to throw some modern into the mix with this classy design. You won't find cherry or mahogany here, it's contemporary chic all the way for a most stylish little ticker. $145

Felt is huge in Europe, and for good reason. This creamy delight felt shade will set your sprit free with lovely butterflies in flight. Envision it floating in your hip home. Designed by Mixko, $75. psst... Mixko also creates felt rings, me, you'll love their website. Oh just click on it already!

Create a different ambience with a creamy dreamy marble felt chandelier. Too bad the photo below does it zero justice, it almost appears as though it's black and cream when it is solid cream only. It also drapes much longer than this photo shows. For a reality check, look at the photos designer, Chris Labrooy, has on his site -- a much better perspective of this stunning chandelier. After you see his photos, you're certain to go ga-ga. I personally love it. So tactile and a super price for something so unique. $175

(photos from design my world, jenny keate and mixko)