Blog Watch

Here's a few blogs that I'm loving right now... thought I'd share them with you. A real international feast for the eyes, so enjoy!

SPAIN: If you love felt, Fieltromania is THE blog for you. It's dedicated 100% to FELT. Yup. Totally drool-worthy. :) Felt blogger Anabel posts her finds fresh from Sevilla, Spain. I love all the links and photos that she features.

SINGAPORE: A home + lifestyle design blog by imedaGoze. She was on vacation for awhile, but I just poked my head in today and found that she's back in action. Welcome back to blogging, imedaGoze! She posts super great finds. You have to check out her post about studio ditte. Those garden carpets put our indoor/outdoor grass versions in the US to shame!

MUNICH: Delicious Days is the most beautiful blog ever. It reads like a magazine, stunning layout and photos. The yummy posts are completely tantalizing. It's easy to navigate, and there are some excellent bits on Munich in there. My sister-in-law lived in Munich until recently and our friend just left to study there, so it's a nice glimpse into a city that I've not yet explored in person. All the cooking features make me want to turn the music up really loud, open all the windows and whip something up in my kitchen.

CALIFORNIA: I have to give love to my friend Michelle. For one, she is the sweetest person ever and next, she's a super talented artist. I like Michelle for many reasons, but I think what really won me over is how honest and caring she is. She isn't out to 'be' somebody in this world, she is happy with who she is. I think this is the recipe for her success, she is natural and kind. I'm sure you'll enjoy her new blog. She writes about art and things that are going on in her life. Today she posted all about a wedding that she attended this past weekend at the Hans Fahden Vineyards in Napa Valley located in Calistoga, California. The photos are dreamy...

Do you blog?