Dot Kite

Thomas contacted decor8 to let us know about his newly formed brand, Dot Kite, where design is reimagined. After peeking at his website, I had to post about it because the designs are graceful, fluid, sophiticated...but at the same time functional and durable. Very Elle Decor and Vogue. Posh. I can imagine these in those nineteenth century apartments with high ceilings, ornate crown mouldings, hardwood floors and lots of flokati rugs. Thomas has this to add about his collection:

Introducing the CrossLink collection from Dot Kite.

Maia inaugurates a new generation of seating for the Dot Kite Collections in a fun and unorthodox way. Low and wide, Maia is informal and highly versatile, for relaxing in a lounge or for the night zone. Maia, with its elegant and sophisticated form adds value toevery SoHo environment. The construction technique has enabled a very strong and resistant seat to be obtained, making it also a perfect small armchair for outdoors. It is available in the colour chalk white."
Design care, refined sections and ergonomic precision. Sweet curves make the
essential lines of Iride sinuous. Perfect for the night zone of every SoHo
environment. Iride, enables the users to have a special emotional feeling
with the surrounding environment.

(partial text from Thomas Mylonas at Dot Kite. images from Thomas Mylonas)

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