Pink Loves Brown

There's nothing like good stationery. I discovered Pink Loves Brown and fell head over heels for their simple modern designs. My favorite is definitely the glasses card in orange - so Lisa Loeb - just love it. I just love glasses. In fact, when I was single and spotted stylish men wearing them, I'd go weak at the knees. Add an accent and height, and I was smitten. When I met my husband in his tortoise rim glasses, I had to marry him. He has glasses, an accent and height. Score! It's just a thing I have, I don't know. That's the long story behind why the glasses card tickles my fancy. I digress...

Pink Loves Brown is Nicole Balch, the designer behind these whimsical cards, the girl that slaves for hours and hours to hand-create beautiful things just for us. That alone makes me love Pink Loves Brown even more. Nicole offers custom invitation and announcement service for weddings, showers, baby announcements and more. Stationery aside, she even runs a company called Smart + Lovely offering her web and graphic design services.

(images from Pink Loves Brown)