Weekend Update

I usually don't blog on a Sunday like this, but we had such a memorable time at CraftBoston yesterday, I couldn't wait to tell you about it. I also can't wait to share some photos and websites with you this week! After CraftBoston, we visited the very mobbed Treasure Hunt at the Boston Design Center, but after spending so many hours at CraftBoston, we decided to call it quits and left Treasure Hunt quickly after arriving, opting to take a stroll along the waterfront and then over to Faneuil Hall. By the way, if you're in Boston this weekend, Urbans is having a major sale over at their two stores there, so you should seriously head over for deep discounts on items for the home. They were mobbed with excited college students grabbing pillows and duvets, nearly overturning the sales tables combing through all the mark downs.

After enjoying the shops and sounds of Faneuil Hall, we strolled over to Beacon Hill and lingered at Good on Charles Street, a delightful little boutique with the sweetest sales staff and lovely home accessories, including a sea urchin votive holder, a new love of mine that I quickly purchased, along with these beautiful Japanese kiriwood coasters. I scooped up a large coaster to place beneath the urchin and together, they create organic intimate beauty on my bedside table. Once illuminated, this ceramic urchin is aglow with light jutting out of tiny holes, relaxing and simply exquisite. (photos below taken in my home)

After enjoying Good (they now have an online store), we walked through the Boston Public Garden, admiring the buds on the trees, listening to birds basking in glory of a beautiful Spring day. Then, we looped back to Beacon Hill to visit Delucas market for chocolates from Germany and then, needing to relax, we found a small cafe (the name slips my memory) to share tiramisu over lattes. The sweetest bit about the cafe (other than the delicious tiramisu) was the owner busily training a young apprentice, his daughter, on all the ways of running a successful cafe. She was in charge of delivering some of the orders, adding dollops of whipped cream to hot cocoas, and delivering the bill to each table with the cutest eight-year old smile ever. It was so nice to see a father working so closely, so lovingly, with his little girl.

After Beacon Hill, we spent the final part of the day on Newbury Street, walking and talking, popping in and out of boutiques that interested us, then enjoying a live performance at the Virgin Megastore by a very talented group of student musicians from Berklee that really rocked the house with soulful R + B music lead by a female vocalist with a set of pipes on her that sent shivers up your spine (I wish I could remember her name!). For dinner, we dined over sushi and Vietnamese noodles and landed back home around 10:00 p.m. Certainly a very full, extremely rewarding day.

I'm heading off for a country drive and to collect some flowers for my window box so I can begin planting. I also need a new spring welcome mat for the front door and would like to visit the farms next door for some fresh blooms to place on my table. I hope that you have a really relaxing day - it hit 72 degrees here yesterday so Spring has officially Sprung! I'll be back tomorrow.

Have a fun day everyone!

(photos snapped by me at the farm nearby and of my goodies from good!)