Shoes As Idea

Mark wrote in about his fantastic prints and blog and after checking out his art, I simply had to share it with you today. Mark Schwartz, talented shoe designer and artist, launched Shoes As Idea, a site showcasing his original art and limited edition prints of one of my favorite subjects - shoes! This is what Mark tells us about his work:

"Many of my influences come from extensive travel and the experiences I have brought with me along the way. Colors, shapes, textures, and formations grab my attention and allow me to bring a shoe or the shape of a shoe to another level. Making shoes function as an art form is extraordinary and rare; to expose this awareness with other people is what I have come to love. My goal is to produce whimsical works of art, portraying shoes as more than an accessory. The shoes are stretched and exaggerated making them imperfect like life, and I twist these images into positions that seemingly dance off the page." - Mark Schwartz

To view Mark's work installed in various interior settings, click here. If his work interests you, Mark would certainly enjoying hearing from you!

Thank you Mark for sharing your beautiful creations with decor8 readers.

(images from Mark Schwartz)