Up With Grups*

My friend Paris sent me a great article about Grups, which couldn't have come at a better time since both Paris and I just increased our age by another year and I know I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Up With Grups published today in NY Metro and I tell ya, it made me feel a lot better about being young 30s and still following around my favorite bands and wearing Hello Kitty t-shirts. Cleverly written by Adam Sternbergh, it explores the whole eternal youth movement that we're experiencing (finally) in the states with thirty and forty-somethings (even into their 50s) enjoying their childhood along with the benefits of having a good paying job and years of experience behind them. I think it's great that Sternbergh explored Grups in such depth, because I know that over in Europe, being trendy at any age has been the norm for many years - I remember 10 years ago being in London around my Grup friends, feeling completely at ease with them because they felt like peers despite that they were 10-15 years older than me. Up With Grups helped me to see that by the time I'm 35, 40, 45...I can still enjoy my Hello Kitty i-pod in public while wearing my Seven jeans toting a Gina George and Lucy industrial style messenger bag without getting the evil eye from the under 25 crowd. As Paris says, "It makes me feel justified in my immaturity". I couldn't agree with ya more, Paris. :)

I'll be back with some CraftBoston stuff...and more fresh finds, I'm just on a job today so I'm in and out of my house. Currently blogging at Panera Bread in route to my next appointment.