Augusta Meill from Kattbank wrote in today about a new product on the market called Kattbank. Here is what Augusta has to to say about this stylish new furniture piece designed to conceal a litterbox (great thinking!):

"Love your blog - it's always full of fun stuff to crave or just inspire. Thought you might find this new product of interest. Kattbank is a new furniture piece designed especially for cat owners and the pets they love. This chic, modern bench has been developed by the Portland-based, multi-disciplinary design firm Compressed Pattern to conceal the cat litterbox, hiding it from sight and smell. A creative solution to one of the more challenging space-sharing issues for pet owners, Kattbank is handcrafted in Oregon out of hardwood plywood in 48 and 60 inch lengths, available in a range of finishes, including wood veneers and color lacquers.

Kattbank is $1750 to $2200, depending on size and finish. It can be ordered online via their website."

Thanks for writing in, Augusta! Looks like a purr-fect solution for concealing a litterbox in style.

(images from Augusta at Kattbank)