Atelier Baraque

I spotted these from Atelier Baraque this morning and couldn't resist. Playful images liven things up in your bedroom on 100% cotton 300-thread-count duvet covers in one single format - Queen-sized with two matching pillow shams. Atelier Baraque is Karla Smith, Sarah Hamlin and Morgan Charles, an awesome threesome inspired by vintage fabric, fairy tales and architecture. Passionate silk-screeners, each shares a love of pattern, printing and textiles, and together Atelier Baraque was born in 2004. Featuring girl and guy-friendly designs like birds on a wire, beaded necklaces, bucking broncos, their contemporary collection is anything but stuffy.

"Baraque (French for ?shed? or ?shanty?) began by creating original wall designs and prints and eventually spilled over into other interior ventures, such as bedding and home accessories. Believing that beauty is in the detail, Baraque does everything by hand. Each print is one of a kind, but all pieces share the unifying themes of high-quality, creativity and craftsmanship."

Note: Prices shown on their website are in CAD, so if you're in the states, the cost is about 25% less in US Dollars. Click here to order.

You can also find Atelier Baraque at Lola + Emily in Montreal and in Brooklyn at Brooklyn Flat.

(images and quote from Atelier Baraque. Via Sweet Nothing in Canada)