[CraftBoston] It's a wrap!

To wrap up our mini tour of the CraftBoston show (thanks for hanging in with me!), here's a few more vendors that deserve a mention.

Jen Violette - I briefly met Jen and browsed her booth, Jen is a real sweetie and her work is stunning, even more so in person than in photos. She creates both sculptural and functional pieces for the home out of glass. Jen states, "Combining pieces of my rural Vermont surroundings and my love of gardening, I carefully study the world around me to capture the tiny subtleties and distinct characteristics of the organic forms I portray in glass."

Katherine Koehler - Based in NYC, this exciting and innovative jewelry designer is fresh and hip - with some her bold designs screaming Paris runway. When we arrived at her booth, she was leaving so we didn't get to chat with her for long, but I lingered after she'd gone since her jewelry completely captivated me. I love her new sponges collection crafted of silver and acrylic and the pink feathered indian necklace - dazzling!

Jacqueline Sanchez - Jewelry designer with several collections, the 'forever young' lego-inspired rings caught my eye. View all of her collections online.

Geoff Buddie Felt - Felt designs taken to a whole new level. Interesting felt collections for displaying in your home. What do you think? Not really my style but the blocks look fun...

Holly Anne Mitchell - Recycled newspapers, lottery tickets, coupons and comics - things that usually end up in the trash are transformed into exciting brooches, pins, rings, cufflinks... Completely whimsical and definitely a conversation starter. I enjoyed trying on her unique jewelry, and applaud that she recycles. What could end up as trash becomes precious treasures. These would make great gifts for your writer friends...

This completes our CraftBoston coverage. Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you have any suggestions for the next show we visit - this was the first show I've ever attended where I had to take notes and photos, so it was learning experience - but I had a lot of fun! :)

(images from artists websites)