Zaishu Project

decor8 reader Erin from Australia passed along a link that you're certain to fall in love with. The company is called Zaishu Project and they have these really neat flat pack tables (or it can be a seat or box) using 5 panels of artwork on plantation grown veneer that you assemble yourself by simply sliding them together - no nails or glue needed.

"With a program of participation, creativity, responsibility and evolution the Zaishu Project is an international collaborative event, recording patterns, designs and cultural texture from around the world...

Treated like a project and not a product the Zaishu was first launched with stencilled street artwork at Melbourne's Australian Center for Contemporary Art in July 2004. Having travelled to Japan, Seoul, Milan, Sydney, Melbourne and Stockholm the Zaishu project in 2006 will work with artists in India, Berlin, Sweden and New Zealand. By using a single material and single production process a Zaishu has less environmental impact compared to other furniture. Zaishu also encourages a vibrant platform for cultural exchange, community strengthening and economic sustenance."

We love Zaishu. Thanks Erin for the tip!

(images and quote from Zaishu)