English Creek Gardens

I found this great apothecary jar with a dome lid last year and immediately brought it home filling it with sand and shells. Although pretty, it was hardly functional and with a small home, I need items that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well. In this case, the jar could really serve as a storage vessel. Since filling it with pretty shells wasn't living up to its full potential, I kept churning ideas around in my head - what to do with this thing? I filled it with lemons and limes for the kitchen. It looked super cute and colorful, but fresh fruit under glass made me feel guilty. Plus, it fogged up a lot and the fruit wasn't happy. Frustrated, I retired the jar to storage for future use. Recently, I decided to update my bathroom to give it a more Vintage Modern/French Farmhouse feel. It was then that I remembered my lonely little jar and how filling it with french milled soaps would make for a nice accent piece, plus it would be a great storage solution for the many soaps that I collect. What do you think?

Looking for a apothecary jar, cloche, copper planter or a pretty English planter? English Creek has a beautiful assortment... Don't miss their new assortment of tulipieres!

psst: If you're soon to be wed, try a tussie mussie.

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