Don't you just love paper products? I can never get enough, an obsession of mine that started in elementary school when my girl posse and I would congregate at the most holy Sanrio stationery shop to blow our allowance, then take our pretty little pink bags to a nearby park bench to sort through everything - oohing and aahing over what we found. As we popped bubbles and giggled over the cute boys playing soccer in the nearby field, I could tell that each of us was secretly thinking about which boy we would someday kiss and forever lock inside the pages of our new found diaries.

I was at Black Ink in Harvard Square on Saturday and found some of the sweetest paper products which of course, resulted in hours of searching for some of them online once I returned home. As you know, web-based research always begins with an agenda and ends 5 hours later on pages that make you wonder 'how in the world did I end up here?'. It was during one of those, 'how did I' moments that I bumped into Heidi, a shop I'd not heard of before.

There are so many stationary companies out there, don't you feel spoiled sometimes? While browsing the Heidi site, I spotted these Tallulah and Octango paper journals that I think are the cutest. Capture memories of your room redesign, first date, dinner party, or all of your dreams and desires in one very adorable journal.

Heidi also has something else that I've not seen elsewhere. It's called the hanging gift wrap organizer. Resembling a garment bag, you can store everything you'll need for the next time you gift someone. For $19.99, it's a smart buy.

Do you know how to tie the perfect bow? Can you wrap a present like a professional? Heidi can help in her ideas + inspiration section.

(photos from Heidi)