Design Her Gals

Tired of your current oh-so-blah stationery? These girls will pick you up in no time! Fresh in from the May 2006 issue of 'O' (Oprah magazine), Design Her Gals not only made Oprah's list of must-haves for May, but soon will be a favorite on your list as well. Why?

Well, if you want something a little more personal than your initials on a card, you'll love Design Her Gals because their stationery features stylized images of your favorite person - the center in which the earth revolves - you! Yup. Just send them a photo and they'll transform it into a cool caricature of y-o-u in the form of correspondence cards, return address labels, business cards, invitations, stickers...

You can also purchase a membership to print your designer girl from home for only $24.95 per year. Read the entire scoop about that here.

psst: If stationery isn't your thing, they also carry super cute t-shirts.

How sweet it is to be loved by you!

(images from design her gals)