coffee + cre8tive [apr 14 06]

Today I'm sitting here on the carpet trying to figure out what colors to use in my new space. It's funny, we can design for clients so easily, but when it comes to our own *personal* space, it can sometimes be daunting. Why is that, I've often wondered? Anyone have thoughts on this?

I'm not painting the walls since I live in a rental, I'm simply selecting accent colors and trying to determine how strong of a statement I want each to make in the room. I'm thinking of making my dominate colors blue and green and then, adding hints of orange and fuchsia to the space to make things pop. (The colors aren't as strong as the photos indicate.)

I'd like to also incorporate my decor8 illustrations, given to me by my friend Lisa (they're also on the banner above here on the site). Since decor8 (my design business and this blog) have both become a big part of my life, I think framing these prints would fit the space nicely, especially since I'll be working in there.

Anyone have plans for the weekend? What's going on in your part of the world?

(photos Copyright decor8 2006)