Mini Mod from Rowe Furniture

Here's note from decor8 reader Jennifer. She did such a nice job pulling together this information about the Mini Mod furniture line from Rowe that I'm going to let her take the stage...

Hey, I'm an avid reader of your website and think you are doing an awesome job! Like most people in their low twenties, I live in a small space and thought fellow readers would be interested in looking into Rowe Furniture's Mini Mod collection. It's the perfect solution to furnishing small spaces, 4 th floor walk-ups, and irregularly shaped spaces. It's also perfect for people that move a lot and don't want to break their backs trying to carry their sofa, trust me, I speak from experience. I'm a huge fan of the Broadway sofa and chair I bought last year because it fits just as perfectly in my new studio apartment as it did in my one bedroom with den apartment I was living in when I purchased the furniture.

While checking out Rowe's website, I recently learned that Mini Mod is a whole contemporary collection of small scale sofas, sectionals and chairs, which come in a variety of fun fabrics, including really cool 1960's inspired geometric prints and stripes. It's awesome to see that Rowe designed with us in mind, consumers looking to decorate modest sized living spaces and not looking to spend a fortune. The smaller size doesn't affect the comfort either; my Broadway sofa spaciously fits two.

Below are pictures of Mini Mod's Broadway sofa and chair from the website. The Broadway sofa measures L71" x D34" x H36". I bought it for $699 (USD) but the prices vary based on fabrics and the retailer. The Broadway chair measures L26" x D35" x H37" and I bought it for $399 (USD), but again, the price will vary. Hope you enjoy the Mini Mod collection as much as I did and pass it on to the readers. Keep up the good work! - Jen

Thanks Jen for the tip!

(images from rowe furniture)