Free Gift with Purchase By: Jean Godfrey-June

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If the name Jean Godfrey-June sounds familiar, it's because she is the beloved beauty editor of Lucky magazine. Her book, Free Gift with Purchase: My Improbable Career in Magazines and Makeup, released today and after reading the reviews, I thought I'd pass the word to all of you.

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly

The beauty editor of Lucky magazine, Godfrey-June endears herself to readers with her admission that even she?a woman who receives "between fifty and two hundred products a day"?has the occasional bad hair day, the kind that "takes over and infects your entire being, moving quickly from your hair to your skin to your expression to your entire demeanor." Her memoir is fun, instructive and dishy (she used to work at Elle and recounts all manner of office brouhahas involving such personalities as the French creative director she calls "The Playboy," and the American editor-in-chief, dubbed "Above the Fray"). Certain readers will be enthralled by a clued-in woman demystifying what is for many an impervious world: this is what really works, and this is what's bunkum. But other snippets?Godfrey-June's thoughts on Chanel (buy one piece at full price and that's it, forever) and the Victoria's Secret fashion show (akin to a Siegfried and Roy performance), for instance?are less compelling. What saves the memoir from devolving into a series of pointless anecdotes is her constant awareness that her job is "impossible to take seriously." Some people devote their lives to finding a cure for cancer, but "Me, I ponder lipstick." (Apr.)

?Jean Godfrey-June is the Diana of the beauty world. With her arrow gamely poised at pots of rouge and pretension, she pierces our hearts and minds with unparalleled humor, compassion, and insight. An astonishingly clear-eyed debut.? ?Hilton Als, author of The Women

?This tell-all memoir lets you in on all the secrets of the fashion and beauty industry. I couldn?t put it down: It?s fun, informative, and told in a way that?s uniquely Jean.? ?Bobbi Brown, CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

?Godfrey-June tears the front cover off the world of fashion magazines and reveals it to be every bit as glamorous and hilarious as you always wanted to be.? ?Simon Doonan, author of Confessions of a Window Dresser

You can pick it up on Amazon for only $13.95 by clicking on the book in the left column.

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