Zara Home

The fabulous trend-spotter, Imedagoze over in Singapore wrote all about Zara Home on her blog yesterday, which is a store that I'd not heard of before. I've shopped at Zara before for clothing, but didn't realize that they had home stores. From the looks of them, they are quite fantastic, too. Has anyone ever experienced Zara Home in your part of the world? We don't have them here in the states, but according to their website, the closest one to me is at 79-83 Brompton Road in London. Just a quick hop over the pond (ha!).

Imelda, thanks for posting about this fab find!

(Paola, if you're reading these, please check it out and report in before you relo to Seattle, I'd love to get your thoughts on the in-store experience!)

(images from imedagoze)