Gardener's Dishing the Dirt

Here are some inspiring websites with loads of helpful advice on cultivating a garden that's all good and no evil:

Homegrown - A great gardening blog from Martha Stewart's own Andrew Beckman and Margaret Roach. Andrew heads up the garden department at Martha Stewart Living magazine, has degrees in landscape architecture and horticulture, and was the head gardener at Martha's homes before that (imagine that. a very sweet resume'.) Margaret is an author and garden writer. She was the first garden editor at Martha Stewart Living magazine and currently oversees all of Martha Stewart's magazines (wow!). Andrew and Margaret are blogging all about gardening on Homegrown, so don't miss it. While you're at it, hop on over to the Martha Stewart website to read all her wonderful gardening tips. Martha will always be the queen of all things good in my eyes, especially gardening.

Shelterrific - Not just a blog about home decor. Former Budget Living staffers blog about gardening, too. Great tips. A daily must read.

GardenWeb Forums - Chat with others obsessed about gardening.

You Grow Girl Forums - More green goddesses chatting it up about gardening.

Better Homes + Gardens - Great site all around. I especially enjoyed the garden plans for spaces of all sizes. I found these to be very helpful and I'm sure you will, too.

Cottage Living - Another great source to learn about creating loveliness outdoors (and in). They have a great "Get Galvinized" article up this month. Don't miss it!

You Grow Girl - With a book and a website, You Grow Girl has attracted a whole slew of garden junkies. Created by Gayla Trail, this acclaimed gardening website is witty and fun with a whole lotta growin' goin' on. With articles like, Keeping Kitty Off The Goods and Handy Garden Tips, you're bound to find something that applies to your own secret garden. Gayla even shows her cheeky side with these 'garden hoe' t-shirts - the perfect gift for your skank friend that only gardens in her bikini (tee-hee). Don't laugh, growing up, we had a neighbor who gardened in her string bikini in South Carolina. The town had to get involved and force her to start wearing clothes because of all the traffic accidents caused in front of her house. Dead serious. Lesson, don't be a garden hoe.

(images from you grow girl)