coffee + cre8tive [apr 21 06]

Ah. Fluttery fragrant peonies. Aren't they dreamy? I found a terrific online perenial farm + nursery called Song Sparrow. I haven't shopped the site, but I lingered for quite awhile over the dozens of peonies that they offer. Mmmm.

I'm sure flowers make you happy. They remind me of how special our planet is. The nature around us that we take for granted. All the insects, animals, trees... such beauty to be thankful for. Stop and reflect on nature. Think about the unique personality of your pet. Think of the waves as they pound the shore. We can take a walk down the beach and stop to enjoy the glow of the sunset. All this beauty is ours. We don't have to be successful or popular or wealthy to enjoy it. We just have to appreciate it. We just have to notice it.

Today, if you're reading this, find time to watch the sunset tonight. Look up at the sky and think about how great this universe is. Appreciate what you have. Count your blessings that you are alive. We get so caught up in trying to become someone that we often forget that we already are someone. You are special, just as you are. Right now.

Maybe you can stop by your local flower shop today and buy a bouquet of flowers. Find someone you care about to give them to. Attach a note to tell them you love them. Don't wait until you need a reason. Love is a good enough reason for anything. If you can't find someone who would appreciate the gesture, buy some for yourself. You deserve them. You're a part of this universe, you matter. Isn't that a nice way to welcome in the weekend? Self love is the first step in showing love to others. Appreciate who you are, what is around you, and you'll have that much more to give.

Peonies make for a beautiful bouquet. Enjoy.

(images from song sparrow)