Heavy Petal: Gardening Blog from the West Coast

I got word about this blog from Delightful Blogs called Heavy Petal (such a cute name!). Here's some information, fresh from the blogger herself:

"Heavy Petal is the blog of Andrea Bellamy, a garden writer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Zone 8B). Andrea has written for Gardens West and Garden Wise magazines. She enjoys growing unusual edibles and performing acts of guerilla gardening. She is a community gardening activist and aspiring garden designer. She gardens because it feels good.

Heavy Petal?s mission is to demonstrate that gardening isn't just for the suburban, the aged, or the hopelessly unfashionable. Rejecting horticultural snobbery along with plastic swan garden planters, Heavy Petal is gardening ? from an urban, organic perspective."


(image from heavy petal)