Convertible Sofa Options - Your Thoughts?

Sorry for the late post, blogger is acting up again...

I'm searching for a convertible sofa for my new studio space, something that guests can use when they stay with us, but also a place for clients to hang out when they stop by. My goal is to stay under $1,000.00, althought I'm finding this to be quite the challenge! I found a few sofas online, but I'm having a tough time making a decision, especially since I'm concerned about purchasing a sofa without having 'tested' it first. If you can provide me with some feedback regarding some of the futons below, I'd really appreciate it (positive and negative welcome). Funny how designing for others is a snap, but designing my own space is a bit of a challenge - I bet it's because I'm dropping *my* cash this time!

Since you guys are quite the savvy shoppers, if you know of some modern sleep sofa resources, please clue me in (p.s. DWR is out of my budget, although I lust for their logo sofa for $1598). I've never shopped for a convertible sofa/futon in my life so I'm turning to you for fresh finds this time.

P.S. Just say no to microsuede, leather, pleather (eek!), vinyl, suede, pattern, or two-tone.

Basic Futon (above) from West Elm. $600 + $100 shipping. pros: color, removable cover. blends with anything. armless. basic. inexpensive. cons: doesn't lend an airy feel since it sits directly on floor (no legs to give it a lift), chocolate finish in a room with teak, pine and birch hmmmm..., a little too basic for my taste. looks a little too futon-y.

From DWR, the Logo which I can't really justify the expense, so I won't go into listing the pros and the cons. boo hoo. Chiasso, the aero convertible sofa $798 + $110. pros: good color. clean lines. nice legs. not boxy. cons: one glass of red wine and my world ends.

Look Luxe Comby 1 sofa. $899.95 $199.95 shipping. pros: well made, from italy. nice color. clean ergonomic lines. easily slides into sleep position. cons: price. not 100% sure about color. not into the double chrome trim. Comcore21 Bermuda sofa bed $609 + $100 shipping. pros: price. color. legs are nice and simple. tufted back. arm rests are cute. sleeps two. cons: unsure of quality. thoughts? Urban Outfitters Tufted Top sofa. $580 + $130 shipping. pros: color looks red online but in person, it's more orange than red. great design. quite comfortable (I sat on it). nice legs. budget option. cons: color may annoy me after awhile, especially if it is really more red than it appeared in the store. unsure of quality since I've heard negative reviews about urbans furniture.

Target Futon with CD Storage $399.99 + $92.99. pros: amazingly inexpensive. good color. compact. nice style. cons: price could also mean it's horrible to sleep on. not sure about the whole CD storage... tacky maybe? does it sleep one or two? maybe a bit boxy. Futon Creations Minimum Sharp Futon by Innovation. $779.26 after 6% promotional discount, free shipping. pros: great design. one of the best companies for futons from denmark. comfortable. cons: color a little too kermit-the-frog for me. would prefer a different color, but it seems as though I'm stuck with green.

some distant maybes...

New from IKEA, the Tylosand sofa bed with storage compartment. $849.00, in sand. pro: good color. storage. cons: color - blah. all that chrome. boxy. may be over $1000 with shipping.
IKEA Allerum for $399.00. pros: budget find. like the birch accent. no arms. modern. can most likely fit into my passat. cons: stains easily. does it sleep more than one? does it fold flat? a little too fluffy. don't like the throw pillows along the back. so basic, everyone has seen this a thousand times... Tweed Storage Sofa from Urban Outfitters for $580 + $130 shipping. pros: storage. tweed. good color for when I opt to change the color scheme in the room. looks nice. cheap. cons: unsure of how comfortable it is to sleep on. slightly uncomfortable with edging, it almost looks dirty.

Another option not shown: CB2 Flip Flop convertible sofa, Orange, $999.00 + $69 shipping. pros: armless. color pops. cb2 is a decent name. clean lines. good fabric. basic legs - off the ground.

Comments? :)