The Surface Texture by Cat Martin: Book of the Week

I have an amazing book that I'm very excited to recommend this week. I actually decided over the weekend that going forward, before I post a suggested read, that it has to meet two criteria. One, I have to review it myself first - flip through the pages, read it, etc. and next, it must be on a design-related topic because I want decor8 (which is pronounced "dec-core-eight" in case you've wondered, it's a play on the word decorate.) to continue straight ahead on it's design-related path.

My book of the week is The Surface Texture by architect Cat Martin (who also is a freelance writer for various design publications). It features over 800 photos of color and texture samples from flooring to textiles. It's a great read, but even more than that, it acts as an entire virtual showroom in book format, all packed into an easy to carry format. The photos are detailed, each shows the characteristics of the material up close, it all it's textural glory, so that you can become a savvy texture-spotter whenever you're out and about shopping for the home. Design is in a constant state of flux, from textiles to floor coverings, new materials are constantly popping up to dazzle the eye and open the wallet. If you've always wanted to be able to spot the difference between a bubble weave vs. pompom weave wool rug, The Surface Texture will help train your eye as well as educate your mind with a quick guide to spotting textures so you can have the eye of a designer. I purchased it at Barnes + Noble for $24.95, however you can grab it on Amazon for $15.72 (new) by clicking here.

I'm certain that you'll love it!