List Yourself on Delightful Blogs!

Delightful blogs asked me to spread the news about their new listing service. If you are a blogger, submit your blog via their site to get their attention. If they are interested in featuring you, which I'm sure they will be because we all know you're amazing, then they'll reply with an email stating that you've been approved and added to their site on the Delightful Blogs Directory. I noticed that since I was featured this week, decor8 readers Susan, Michelle and Angela also registered and are now on Delightful blogs, too. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose but a lot of potential exposure to gain!

You can also rate and comment on the blogs listed, so head on over to Delight and voice your opinion.

(Paola, Imedagoze, Holly, Robert, Angela M., John, Adriean, Jon, Matt + Becky - add your blogs!)

Have fun!

(image from delightful blogs)