Todd Oldham by La-Z-Boy at Target!

I never in a million years thought that La-Z-Boy would appeal to me, images of beer-bellied sports addicts parked on recliners spring to mind... However, Todd Oldham seems to be changing the face of La-Z-Boy with a fresh new generation of furnishings for the home. Interestingly enough, some of the collection is sold online at Target, another surprise because I would have never made the connection had I not bumped into it last night while surfing the Target site.

I came across this eye-catching wood accent table which combines the soft look of bamboo veneer with a darling leaf cutout pattern (on 5 sides) and the modern shape of a cube, topped with a plate of tempered glass for a solid, see-through surface that you can place a lamp on. It's not exactly a bargain find, but at $299.99, it is worth considering since it would make a lovely accent piece to your home.

I'm also liking the bamboo coffee table for $299.99 with matching end table for $259.99.

I'm nuts about the color and shape of this green apple button-tufted ottoman ($329.99), but those sharp legs scare me a little, I'm not sure if I like them... What do you think?

I am sooo lovin' these Kate storage ottomans though, great legs (349.99), also nice in pepper (if only I could find a convertible sofa in this great pepper color, I'd be in heaven).

(images from target)