coffee + cre8tive [apr 28 06]

As a species, we tend to change our minds a lot about everything. Thanks to the internet, the speed in which we're doing that is quite alarming. Often the sheer amount of choices we have are overwhelming.

When it comes to design, wouldn't you agree that like fashion, we tend to have our own signature style? Within that, we are faced with many choices. Maybe you are a retro girl that digs bold geometic prints. One minute, you're adoring chevrons in goldenrod yellow. The next, you're drawn towards green lattice prints.

Even though I'm a vintage modern girl, I'm currently into fully loaded, fully saturated, fuschia, turquoise and lime. I'm also inexplicably drawn to the Turkish culture, music, design and yearning to visit Istanbul. Again, no clue where this is coming from.

Tell us about your current phase - what are you drawn towards? (comment below)

(images are from scad and can be purchased online here)