Tell Someone

If I know you, you clip things from magazines and tack them over your desk, don't you?

When I discovered this postcard in a magazine recently, I was instantly attracted to the colors and illustration, secretly hoping that I'd find the image online so I could share it with you (I'm a dork, I really need a thing called a scanner). When the postcard released, Merck didn't have the e-cards up on thier site yet, but now they do and I'm encouraging you to check them out for two reasons. 1) They are a lovely way to spread information about 2) the message behind why they were created in the first place. You see, Merck is working to raise awareness about something far more serious than the perfect paint color and the things we discuss on decor8, they want to talk about the looming threat of cervical cancer. I don't want to get all Oprah on you, but their website is worth a read and with so many beautiful e-cards, you can send them to your friends or post them on your blog to get others thinking about their health, too.

Now that you know, spread the news. Tell Someone.

(images from merck)