Greener Grass Design: Anne Black

From her delicate seam porcelin vases ($100) to her hand thrown perforated candle cups ($28), you know you just love Anne Black. Did you know that in addition to creating lovely things for your space, she also designs porcelin charms on delicate silk threads to wear? Consider yourself informed. View all of her charming styles here at Greener Grass Design, along with her brooches and earrings, too!

A bit about Anne:

"The young designer Anne Black, is one of Denmark's most influential contemporary ceramic designers. The collection includes a variety of bowls, plates, cups, vases, lamps and jewelry. Each piece, distinctive for its shape, is decorated with a number of different graphic perforations, decals, hand paintings or a combination of these applied designs. Anne's approach to porcelain is uncomprimising. Each product is unique, crafted by hand, and of high quality materials." - Greener Grass Design

(images via greener grass design)