Johanna Wright

Johanna Wright is an artist to watch. I just loved reading her "about" page on her website, it was so exciting to hear how she got started and what fearless determination she exhibits. Johanna says, "In college, I?d written a paper about street artists in New York and their struggles with the city to sell their work. I knew a lot about the laws and what was allowed and not allowed? So I got up the guts to set up a little table on the street by the MoMA and started selling my art. It was so awesome. I did it for four years." She continues, "There were a lot of other artists out there at the time and it was a lot of fun. I drew all day and hung out and talked to interesting people. My art started appearing in mysterious on the Style Channel and in Japanese Elle magazine. It was crazy. I wasn't making much money, but I was so busy all of the time. Working myself crazy...."

Learn more about Johanna here or view her lovely online gallery. Love this girl, a real inspiration.

(images from Johanna Wright)