Andy Spade's New York

via Refinery 29

Andy Spade has lived in New York City since 1986, and though he spends much of his time downtown overseeing the goings on at his SoHo emporium of clever bits and bags for guys, Jack Spade, he considers himself a devout uptowner. ?I wanted trees and Woody Allen?s New York,? he affirms. ?I live up in the ?70s,? he adds. ?I love old New York uptown. Although a lot of people think it?s uncool, I love Elaine?s for drinks and dinner; to me it?s the Raoul?s of uptown.? In addition to the storied literary hangout, Spade shares his top-ten list of local must-stops. The consummate uptown guy, and gentlemanly style connoisseur, gives us the lay of the land on his favorite local Upper East Side addresses. Click here for photos, his Andy's picks, and more!

...I'm definately bookmarking this for my summer visit to NYC this year.

(text + photos from refinery 29)