PEM Peabody Essex Museum

Spotted an ad for the PEMshop in Daily Candy today, they're having a sale for DC readers offering a 15% discount. It's funny, here I am a Boston girl and I've not yet mentioned the PEM on my blog (shame!). They have so many unique wares, you must view their online collections, like these cute insect coasters from Vermont-based British photographer Deborah Schenck ($42.50), the lush apple green conical porcelain bowls from Jingdezhen China ($31.50-$72), the mussel bowls from Nova Scotia artist Christie Chaplin-Saunders (yum! $32.50-$85) and who can resist this pink lotus flower print on aluminum by photographer Deborah Schenck ($150).

With so many artsy items to select from, you're certain to find your next treasure at the PEM.

(images from PEM)