Mahar Drygoods: Vintage + Artisan Crafted

When I spotted felt food for creative play on Daily Candy New York yesterday, I was smitten. How cute it this pizza? Or these adorable clips for the hair along with an artsy coloring book and a handmade lemur who looks to be taking a vacation soon... Visit Mahar Drygoods, a most adorable online shop for finding precious things for yourself, your friends, your children... Robert Mahar, owner, calls himself a, "one-man-band". He runs the site, handles customer inquiries, processes orders, and ensures that you have a teriffic experience shopping his site. Robert has a background in studio art and art history, and has spent the past twelve years working as an appraiser of modern and contemporary art in Los Angeles. He loves collaborating with artists, designers and crafters curating a shop of objects for both adults and children. His passion is obvious. His site, a treasure trove of all things charming, is a pleasure to view.

"I've been learning that one of the best ways to create a successful venture is to employ the skills of people more talented than yourself."

Have fun poking around Mahar Drygoods - it's a happy place!

(images from mahar drygoods)