Sundays with Tea: Mocha Dunk Mug

I'm here enjoying tea with my friend Katie this morning, trying to figure out what we'd like to do today. Maybe visit a museum, go to the gym, stay home and watch classic movies... It's one of those rainy Sunday mornings where one lingers... Not doing much, just dreaming of what the afternoon can hold. I hope you're having a lingering, relaxing Sunday today. If you're online looking for a few fresh finds, visit Mocha online. They are an UK-based modern home store. I adore their clever little dunk mug designed by Dominic Skinner. Available in righty or lefty versions, with the perfect cookie (aka biscuit) storage. This is the sweetest mug ever!

Wishing you a happy Sunday, a cup of warm tea with honey, and a joyous afternoon!

(image from mocha)