IKEA Everyday Fabulous Exhibit, New York, May 19-23

IKEA says, make every day fabulous: live in your living room, have a love affair with your kitchen, throw coordination caution to the wind, and let the ?you? come through. To see hundreds of eye-opening ideas on how to make every day at home better, visit the IKEA Everyday Fabulous Exhibit Friday, May 19 ? Tuesday, May 23 (no admission fee).

The exhibit goes to extremes to challenge the creativity of visitors in their own homes. While the average New Yorker may not have the need (or space) for a 20-foot high bookcase, the world?s longest kitchen island or a cleansing room with pillow-padded walls and a food-colander fountain, most could stand to shake up the way they see home furnishings. And, many could use a few reminders on how to live everyday fabulous.

Visit the IKEA Everyday Fabulous Exhibit at 537 W. 35th Street (at 11th Avenue) in NYC, directly across the street from Javits Center, where the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) is being held.

* Friday, May 19: Free down pillow for first 100 ?Suddenly Singles,? those who?ve just found out that Mr. or Ms. Right is all wrong.
* Saturday, May 20: Free dog dish to the first 100 Mutts and Mongrels. Complimentary canine water bar and supervised doggie corral.
* Sunday, May 21: Free photo frame for the first 100 Out-of-Work Actors (with SAG card).
* Monday, May 22: Free soft toy for the first 100 Tots and Toddlers, ages 5 and under. Free stroller parking.
* Tuesday, May 23: Free magazine file for the first 100 Neat Freaks.

?We hope people will leave the IKEA Everyday Fabulous Exhibit feeling like they?ve just had a cool drink, a breath of fresh air and a dose of inspiration to dare to be different in their own home,? says Simonson-Berge. ?If you don?t think a home furnishing exhibit can do all that, you?d better come visit ours.?

If you'd like more information about this event, please click here. The Everyday Fabulous website doesn't seem to be ready yet, but should be up and running soon so you may want to bookmark it and try again later.

A special thanks to Wendy Clark for contacting me!

(image from ikea. text provided by Wendy Clark)