MOS My Own Space

I can't believe I haven't written about these guys sooner. I visited MOS for the first time last summer and fell head over heels in love, but couldn't remember their name to save my life. While organizing my business card files recently, I came across a MOS card and ping! the lightbulb in my head popped on and I remembered that *this* is the store I loved in La Jolla. If you're fortunate enough to live in the beautiful La Jolla area, you have to get over to MOS because it's a great source to tap into for your modern design fix. They have the sweetest showroom - everything is laid out so well that you'll want to move right into the store, with everything arranged so well, it makes selecting items so much easier. You'll find their friendly and knowledgeable team of design experts equally refreshing, willing to answer any question and spend time chatting with you about everything from the weather to their latest line of bedding.

MOS offers many stunning quality collections, from FOLD bedding to Italian and Scandinavian furniture, like this platform bed that serves two purposes, sleeping and book storage. Some other fresh furniture finds, the stackable files with casters constructed of birch with a gunmetal finish, their super hip metro unit with legs, and the popular Starck design Dr. No stackable armchairs. If it's in your budget, shop their rugs, too. I'm jonesin' for a topissimmo rug designed by Nani Marquina. Drool!

If you're looking to simply add to your home with the right accessory or lighting, MOS delivers when it comes to the small stuff, too! With lots of fun accessories on the cheap, like this pino funnel, you're bound to find the perfect something. Visit them at 7840 Girard Avenue in La Jolla, CA (then pop on over to Wahoo's for a fish taco) or shop online at their impressive website.

Psst: MOS has some great tips on selecting wall color that some of you may really enjoy reading.

(images from mos)