Ultimate Tag-Sale Guide from Real Simple

Real Simple has a great guide for those of you that may be turning around the idea of having a tag sale... Do it! Since I relocated to an area where I actually have space to have a sale, I'm about to have my very own - complete with lemonade and lots of great buys. I have so many fabric books with patterns that were discontinued, lots of things clients have given me when we were gutting their space, and even more of my own treasures that I really cannot hang onto any longer. Must. Separate. Myself.

Real Simple's online, The Ultimate Tag-Sale Guide, is a great read if you're planning to have a sale of your own. They guide you through everything, from pricing and selling items to setting up shop, even the best day to hold it. I made over $1,000.00 at my last sale AND I got to meet the neighbors and even networked my design business, something I didn't expect to happen at all. Thing is, some of the locals wanted to see the house so my husband guarded the sale while I gave mini tours. It was a riot, people came into my home and asked me if I hired someone to decorate! I got to tell them it was me, which resulted in chats about my business and exchanging contact information. You never know where a simple tag sale can lead you.

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(images from real simple)