Annette Bugansky - Ceramist

While browsing Loop, did you happen to come across the German ceramist Annette Bugansky? Her porcelain knitted texture vessels are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. For each individual piece, Annette and her mother knit a form and she places it over the vessel prior to casting it in porcelain. Imagine the time spent, the patience, the passion involved in such meticulous design. Before becoming a ceramicist, Annette trained and worked in fashion and costume design, working as a cutter for Jean Muir as well as the BBC costume department. She then went on to study Art and Ceramic Design and then, launched her ceramics business. She is a materials-based designer, forming sensual tactile ceramics, much of which are inspired by her background and love for fashion and costuming.

I enjoy learning about artists who start out in life doing one thing and midstream, decide to explore other creative avenues, don't you? It's something so many of us dream of, but do not always have the courage or self-esteem to actually go for. We fear the unknown, or think that failure is somehow lurking if we were to change our direction. To me, the greatest failure is not to try at all. Think about that if you are considering a new path in your life.

Are you one that took the leap and made changes in your career path? Care to share? I have so many readers that write in about how they'd like to learn interior design or become a textile designer or artist and they're looking for a little encouragement. If you'd like to give them a boost of confidence based on your own experience, please comment below.

(images from loop)