Dwelling Designs - Sample Sale: Minneapolis

Dwelling Designs has the swankiest furniture for the home, and you know what I'm talking about, the kind of furniture that you love but have a hard time affording without the help of Mr. Visa or Ms. Mastercard. With their current Sample Sale, you may be able to pull out some spare cash in your piggy bank because they've slashed prices on some delicious pieces that I'm particularly fond of, like this super chic Asia sideboard. Available in teak, limed honey oak, ebony and expresso, I'm going with the teak. In addition to the obvious aesthetic appeal, because it's a hardwood vs. a softwood, teak is durable if properly cared for. I really like the grain and that it is relatively light in color, yet still brings a great deal of warmth to a space. The Circle cocktail table is another favorite of mine, and at $350, you can't go wrong. I also find the curves of this coveted cocoon chair is one that you'll want to take home with you, especially since it was marked down to $495. Try finding something this unique in your local home store for that price.

If you're in Minneapolis and you'd like to visit the Dwelling Designs showroom, it's located over at 5041 France Avenue South.

(images from dwelling designs)