Timea Sido - Contemporary Ceramics

I guess I'm feeling a little fragile today or something since I keep posting these delicate collections of porcelin wares from the UK and Germany. Timea Sido is a new favorite of mine, I love her tangled ceramics, they really speak to me. Her Tangled Web collection includes a delicate array of ornamental bowls, plates, vessels and wall hangings, each one telling a story of its own, each tangled, each beautiful, all of them one-of-a-kind. We trade in faceless mass-production for exquisite handmade treasures.

Timea speaks about her inspiration, "I was sitting in the garden admiring an amazingly structured spiders web, I couldn?t help but be overwhelmed by the delicate lines that structured it and the time it must have taken to create." She continues, "Suddenly a leaf flew straight into it and the whole web just tangled. There was no more symmetry and well structured lines but a wonderful mess of random lines criss-crossing and interweaving into one another. This unusual new beauty I had found inspired me to create my most delicate collection to date."

There is so much in nature that leads us to create. One of the reasons we were put on this earth was to create, and the ability we each have to put a plan into action is amazing. There is no end to the projects that we each have in our mind, is there? Endless.

(images from timea sido)