Hotel Fox: Copenhagen, Denmark

What do you get when you take talented young artists like Birgit Amadori, Genevieve Gauckler, Boris Hoppek and 18 of their friends and assign them to create their very own rooms in one hotel? Amazing decor - that's what! After seeing this place, you'll want to book a flight to Copenhagen just to experience Hotel Fox. Wait until you look at their website, it's splendid. Try to pause a moment and watch their video, too. It describes the entire Hotel Fox project, which I found quite interesting.

Each room is a piece of art. Comical styles, graffiti, manga, fantasy, fairy tales... All rooms tell their own very special story and give you the chance, as the guest, to live in these stories for as many nights as you desire. The hotel rates are quite reasonable and since they're located in the city, you're certain to be around Copenhagen's hottest attractions.

Seeing international artists from all fields of design - graphic, urban art (graffiti artists) and illustrators create rooms in one single hotel, this is something that I hope a few hotels in America will consider in the future, especially with all the new hotels popping up in American cities and the rate of expansion some of our cities is experiencing. Surely there is room for something creative like this vs. another W Hotel or some swanky Ritz Carlton. I'd love to see a similar project in New Orleans, for instance, especially during this time of rebuilding their great city.

psst: Be sure to click on all of the individual room photos to view the artists' bio and to see their websites. This is certain to take you at least an hour, so have fun! You'll love all of the new artists you'll walk away knowing about though, totally worth it. Foxy!

(images from hotel fox)