NEW! Volkswagen Bettle Art + Pillows From Mibo

Pimp your beetle! I've been a fan of Mibo for awhile now, but when I spotted their new beetle art today for Volkswagen, I suddenly wished I had opted for the beetle instead of my Passat. I drove off in a Passat over the Beetle for *one* reason, it had more room for passengers and we like to travel with a car packed full of friends. Now, I'm thinking of making my friends take the bus (he he) and I'll get a cool beetle anyway, just so I can decorate it with the pretty birdy florals from mibo. Click here to check out this fun VW Mibo decal or read detailed information about other new VW Beetle art.

Oh, and here's a few new pillow designs from Mibo, too. I'm really liking them...

Hope you're having a fun weekend. I hit the South End Open Market today and had a nice time, also did the SOWA which was interesting, and visited Lekker and Aunt Sadie's again too. I'll be back with some fresh finds that I spotted at the South End Open Market.

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