coffee + cre8tive {june 2 '06}

It's Friday (whew, this week went by quickly!) and the weekend is upon us. What will you do to enjoy the next few days? I'm thinking of going to the beach to collect pebbles, maybe stop at some antique stores along the coast, work on a little DIY project involving a cabinet I have, and finally, revisit a few client-related projects that I've been occupied with (although I'm trying hard to *not* become occupied with work on the weekends.)

Do you find yourself working (or thinking about work) on the weekends? What's the cure? I love what I do, so I don't consider it work in the sense that I don't feel overwhelmed or stressed when I'm doing it. But, it's still work because it's not time spent doing anything directly for myself or my husband (like a spa day, going out for dinner, playing tennis). It's a juggle, isn't it?

I try to feature pretty patterns in my coffee + cre8tive posts, or photos, so let's look at a few summer prints from repro depot. These make me want to sew again soooo bad, which reminds me, I have an entire work studio to work on this weekend. Never enough time!

(images from repro depot)