Zid Zid Kids

I don't post a lot of kiddie things, for obvious reasons, I'm not a mommy. I guess I'm still a kid at heart, and when I see adorable kinder things that appeal to me, I instantly think of my modern mom pals and try to post them. Take these fun "draw on me" toys from Zid Zid Kids, for example. I mean, what is cuter than this? I think it's important for children to be able to play with toys that allow them to create, explore, develop. Most children want to draw on the walls anyway, so there's chalkboard paint and other surface paints you can use that allows them to go wild. Why not a stuffed toy that allows them to do the same - use their markers to create an animal with spots or stripes, in hot pink or sunshine yellow. It also makes your job easier as a parent when you stop running around grabbing everything out of juniors hands because you're sick with worry that they'll damage it.

Zid Zid Kids design playful cushions as well as the "draw on me" cushions for the younger set, and some fun floor poofs (I wrote about them here) that are sure to delight all. Zid Zid Kids is married couple Julie Klear and Moulay Essakalli who launched their company in 2003 after relocating from Cambridge, MA (locals, yeah!) to Marrakech.

"Julie has exhibited her art in multiple American museums, and has fifteen years? experience teaching art to children. Moulay, a RISD-trained graphic designer, was born and raised in Morocco, and went to college in both France and the USA. As Zid Zid, they produce exciting, imaginative items for kids, combining a striking artistic sensibility with the colors and visual inspiration of Marrakech. Every Zid Zid product is a blend of their creativity and the quality and handiwork of Moroccan artisans--an outstanding combination of inner and outer worlds that your child will cherish for years." - Design Public

I just love their creations and had to share, hoping that you'll enjoy them too. You can purchase them online at Design Public or visit the Zid Zid website if you'd like to contact them directly or to inquire about carrying their line.

(images from zid zid kids)