Clare Nicolson Textiles

I'm a lover of quilts and sofa throws, especially ones that combine vintage textiles with a mid-century modern vibe, like a few of the Clare Nicolson one-of-a-kind throws I recently discovered online (twiggy is a good example). Clare doesn't stop at throws though, she combines her fantastic digitally printed cottons and silks with vintage fabric to create a brilliant array of interior textiles and accessories for your plush nest. She designs vintage-inspired throw pillows, wall art, scarves, badges, handmade greeting cards, tea towels with images like baby elephants, little birdie sachets stuffed with lavender, and totally sweet dolly birds that are sold matroska style - each come as a set of 5 in ranging sizes from big birds to mini peeps. A perk of browsing her website goes beyond all of the pretty things that you'll find there, the website itself is so adorable and fun to explore.

"Designs for Clare Nicolson textiles are taken from paper collages which she creates using decorative papers and packaging. Inspiration for collages can come from almost anything; an old teapot, a walk in the country, even the birds in her garden. Pattern is an integral part of the textiles. Layering pattern on pattern, designs develop as each new paper is uncovered."

Her very special designs are available for purchase via her website. Have fun!

(images from clare nicolson)