Kate Spade Stationery Offer from June 12-18

Kate Spade introduces some pretty additions to her new stationery collection, and although it's a collection of only a few styles, it's so very pretty. I like the delicate fonts and the use of green, coral, and of course, the brown and white stripes (they remind me of Henry Bendel bags, at least the ones I remember when I shopped their former location in Boston).

The monkey and parasol letterpress set is my favorite - I love the simplicity of the design but the pop! of the fresh coral-pink whimsical graphics. The monkey looks like quite the cheeky little fellow, perhaps running around the party stirring things up a bit. The parasol reminds me of something I'd imagine peeking out of a tropical boozy drink, perhaps one I'm enjoying while out on my yacht in Newport this summer (yeah, right). Ah, the imagery the Kate Spade lifestyle brings to mind. It's so, well, Kennedy. So Jackie O. At least to me.

Between June 12-18, Kate Spade will offer her online shoppers a complementary box of cards ("small card big party" in green, shown) if you spend $150 or more on her stationery. I've never spent that much in one sitting on stationery unless it was shower invitations for parties I've planned or for my own wedding, but that doesn't mean you aren't throwing a summer soiree or a wedding of your very own.

(images from kate spade)