coffee + cre8tive {june 12 '06}

I'm posting a little late today, I know... It's just that I've been bouncing off the walls busy and wanted to at least pop in to say hello to you and post some fresh finds for the day. Greener Grass Design sent me an email announcing their new Lotta Jansdotter goodies for baby, you have to get over there and check it out because I'm guessing it will sell out rather quickly - Lotta is hotter than ever these days, and for good reason, her designs are simple, clean, sweet and just ooze with style.

I had a wonderful weekend rummaging through antique stores, where I found the most adorable black silhouettes custom framed in vintage oval frames, a huge jar of antique buttons, and some rare antique books for my husband (one is by Jules Vern, dates back to 1918, the rest are Alfred Hitchhock with great colorful spines in autumn hues - greens, reds and golds). Afterwards, we ended up at Target where I went crazy with tons of new towels for the bath and dish towels for the kitchen from Thomas O'Brien. His towels are so yummy, very lush. I also found a great mirror for my entryway and a clock, along with new cookware and such. I had a bit of a shopping weekend, but it was for good reason, I needed to do a lot of editing in my home lately which meant getting rid of mismatched pots from our wedding and my single days and replacing them with brand new ones and trading in raggy dish towels from Germany that I purchased 6 years ago (I just loved the graphics on them, so hard to say goodbye). I have no 'excuse' for purchasing the silhouettes (except for the fact that I had a great chat with the store associate who was a doll!), but wait until you see them, they are really nice. I'll post them later on.

So... Today the shopping trip was extended a bit since I needed a new business card holder, so I popped over to Kate Spade (she's having a mega online sale - up to 75% off!) and picked up an apple green leather card holder with a raspberry interior, in leather. Then, I needed a few lamps (justified purchase, as I need more light in my space), so I headed to West Elm where I purchased the belly lamp in surf (on sale, for my bedroom) and the wavy lamp in saffron (great color and shape for the living room area).

If anyone reading this thinks I'm a bit over the top, I'm not - in fact, I rarely spoil myself with needed goods because I'm more wrapped up in clients and giving to friends and family vs. doing anything spectacular for myself. I'm not saying this to sound like Mother Theresa, I'm not, but it's just how it is sometimes. If you're a creative type, you must get what I'm saying. We're often very quick to create and give to others, but slow when it comes to actually making time to do for ourselves. When I was in design school, some of the students refused to show photos of their home because they were embarrassed. When the teacher asked why, they stated very clearly that it was because it didn't reflect their design ability and they were embarrassed of that. I found it hard to understand, until now. It's true, when you are actually a designer or even a design writer, you find yourself seeing so many great products all the time, for one you can't make a decision, and next - well, you fear making the wrong decision. For me, I can go into a home and quickly edit it for someone, transforming it into something fun and interesting according to the taste of the owners. But, when it comes to my space, I pause and tend to critique a little too harshly. That's why going shopping was such a big deal to me, I actually made decisions for my space. Big deal for me, I'm healing from this design disease. Even if it is a dish towel and a few lamps. I'm proud of myself. :)

Other than that, I spent time chatting with relatives on the phone and my dear sweet grandmother, who is now in a nursing home. She misses her life at home, but she is still quick witty and very chatty, even after a heart attack and a few strokes. Her memory is great and I just love her 'silver lining' personality - every dark cloud has hope, every rain storm, a rainbow. She has the most positive spirit and I feel very fortunate that she is still around to at laugh with. Just a few years ago, she was dancing with me at my wedding to Abba's Dancing Queen. Now, she's stuck in a bed all day sharing a room with a complete stranger. It's funny though, during our conversation this weekend I told her how it must be hard to be her age but still feel very much like a young woman on the inside, but on the outside with failing health, she is old. (Tact isn't my strong point, but not hers either so we're very up front with eachother.) She quickly replied, "Oh yes, I see your point, but I'm not bad on the outside either you know!".

Maintaining positivity is such power.