Crafting The New American Dream

The new American dream is much more entrepreneurial," says Kamenetz. "And it's about shaping ones own destiny: mobility, flexibility to do your own work, and the ability to have a career as an expression of who you are as a person."

This article in today's Boston Globe really embraces how I feel in some ways, at least when it comes to how personal fulfillment and the joy obtained by doing what you love is more important than living your life merely to support your lifestyle, performing a job you hate because it pays for your mortgage. Do what you love! I think many of you will enjoy this article...

Crafting the new American dream - It's still about "doing better than your parents" but the focus is on fulfillment.

The American dream has changed. It used to be a college education, a steady job, a nice house (and a family to fill it), and a better financial picture than what your parents had. There is a new American dream that is still about "doing better than your parents," but not in a financial sense. This dream is about fulfillment.

Boston-based artist Ariel Freiberg just got engaged, and she and her fianc? are gearing up for this new dream. "We were brought up to think it's important to own a piece of property. It's how you build your life in this country. But buying a house is not a major goal for us. It is not what will make our lives secure and it will not help us define ourselves."

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