Sesame Letterpress

Don't you just adore Sesame Letterpress? Their happy coasters are just too sweet, and a much smarter way to rest your beverage vs. a cocktail napkin. Glasses tend to bead up with 'sweat', especially in the summer, and like toilet paper stuck on the bottom of your shoe, sipping a drink as you chat it up with a cute boy or business partner only to notice a napkin stuck on the bottom is quite embarrassing. I'm a coaster girl or linen napkin lady. I don't like paper beverage napkins. I'm not being snobby here, but they just don't do it for me.

In addition to being just plain cute and affordable, coasters are perfect for your summer patio parties, simply scatter them around to add hints of festive modern graphics to your decor. It's fun to write cheeky messages or quotes on the back of them, or even a few revealing questions. During your party, ask all of the guests to flip over a coaster and read aloud what it says, perks up the party by adding a little life. Also shows your guests that you put some thought into the event.

Anyone have any non-traditional uses for coasters that you'd like to comment about? I love hearing quirky tips on how to use items in different ways...

Please contact Sesame Letterpress in Brooklyn for more information.

(images from sesame letterpress)